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School: Architecture and Design school of the Citi University

Profession:  Graphics & Design

Danial has a graduate degree in graphic design after his study between 2012 to 2016 and was a leading student at the University. He is a respected among his classmates, enthusiastic and well-organized. He had GPA  scores higher than 3.6 for the 8 semesters of his study.

D.Nurbol is a student who actively participates in professional and national-level competitions and includes the following achievements and participating competitions:

  • – 2D Game Design Award for “GRADUATION SHOW-2015” by CITI University graduates at the 2014-2015 academic year.
  • GAN-PRI has been awarded 2D toy design for “Spring-backed Design – Design Training 2015” festival organized by the school-designated schools.
  • The “Khan boys Journey” 3D game design was created in the “GRADUATION SHOW-2016” of the graduates at the CITI University Graduate School 2015-2016.

D.Nurbol is a voluntary volunteer work in the social welfare field and is involved in organizing and organizing classes in sports and arts, sports events, and festivals.

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