Baigalmaa Tsembel, President of the CITI University

The Citi University was founded in 1998 as “Mongoljingoo” Institute. Since then, there are about 20 successful years of our University. Now, the Citi University is one of the most successful private universities in Mongolia with wide international cooperation. From 2017, the Citi University is implementing ERASMUS+ project funded by European Union to establish and develop University Enterprise Center (UEC). The UEC is to facilitate and support entrepreneurship and continuous education and employability of the graduates & students. In other words, the Center is a bridge to connect university students and staff to business and other organizations.

The University -Enterprise Center is to assist university staff and students to widen cooperation with business entities, encourage students to apply for jobs, or start-up own business. In addition, it will be the main gate to welcome graduates and students who are interested in collaboration with the University.

This strategic plan is developed for the aforementioned objectives and it will be improved year by year of its implementation. In addition, this strategic plan is an integral part of our CITI university strategic plan.

At last, on behalf of the university staff and students, I would like to express deep appreciation to ERASMUS+ program and everyone who is contributing to the ERASMUS + project implementation.


May good deeds spread!

Baigalmaa.Ts, Ph.D., Prof., President of CITI University